Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tradition and Non-Tradition

What we want is both liturgy and inner-ness, worship in Spirit & in Truth. The liturgy is the exoteric gesture and ritual which both protects, channels, and helps explain the inner truth of the esoteric spirituality to our children. We can tell them to "love and know Jesus" all we like; without the physical movement and space, we risk them catching our Spirit without entirely understanding what is happening. Which can lead to problems. For one thing, people often misinterpret spiritual events. They also often misunderstand them in the same language : "God" becomes "ground of being", "Jesus" becomes "my personal Saviour only", etc., etc. Without inner power, the ritual or form can become dry and empty and without power. The salt loses flavor. Yet because the form is preserved, there is always a possibility of restoration. This is not true with the "Spirit", which makes things dangerous. More powerful, it is also more deadly if channeled wrongfully. Without preciseness in liturgy or creed (and the two go together), we risk losing our children to everything from New Age to Emo-ism. We want civilization & individualism. We want the classic heritage along with spirituality. The two are properly interpretive and mutually supportive.

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