Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Saint Who Averted Civil War Between the Swiss Cantons

I am wondering if the time is right to post this. I will keep it brief, then illustrate later, in later posts. Jesus orders us to flee persecution. Part of this is keeping the paganoi from taking over the State & corrupting all society (which would lead to persecution, and already has). Therefore, the cultural mandate is obedience to the command of Jesus to flee persecution. And if you look at our culture, what we have, it's European. Tear it all down, at the bottom of it, you'll find Jesus. Then, what will you do? Better to obey in the first place. Classical Christian Europeanism is part of the manor of God's House, the means of paedaeia, and represents "the shields of the earth" owned by the Christ who made all his Kingdom. Therefore, back to the antique roots...
As St. Nicholas of Flue demonstrated, such a possibility was once grasped existentially as more than possibility. It was incarnated, in Europe.

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