Monday, July 5, 2010

Progress in Overcoming the Mystical Body

Although one can lose one's stomach for reactionary and depressive writing, I sometimes wonder if this is more of a comment on the stomach than the Truth, as there does seem to be no alternative to this point of view except the endless view of hyper-Progress in which "humanity" itself loses any connection to Nature, and becomes (not the plaything of the gods) but the sport of our own whims at best. It is certain that "the Church" is on its way out, unless it manages to induce more loyalty such as this. At least as anything other than a relic. Adapting to the times will make us more and more pointless.

"Whether through socialism or mindless pragmatism, the international Empire of the World created by the Party-State-Church is purely materialistic and destructive of man. It destroys him by trying to turn him into something that he is not meant to be; by giving him a social order that prepares him to see nothing; by depriving him of the necessary means by which he may find his way back to sanity. As it goes about its work, it teaches its “infallible” fideist doctrines of “freedom”, “progress”, and “pragmatism”, so that men may praise their own destruction as the height of human achievement. Through channels that, owing to the real complexity of human nature and the problem of sin, supporters of the Revolution might not have envisaged or wanted, the logic of its mission is completed: men are plunged into a hell which calls itself heaven.

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