Saturday, July 24, 2010

Orthodox Poetic

Since most readers are likely to be either Protesters or Calvinites, I have chosen to handpick Catholic and Orthodox items of interest for the sake of balance. The crucial fact of living on the North American continent today is not the issue of faith vs. works. It is is critical acid we live in (and don't notice) which is dissolving all categories of "forever". How often have you heard someone complain in America, "This is taking forever!". Eternal, for us, is a bad word. However, increasingly, our lives are "disposable", just like our garbage. Our food, our habits, our entertainment...and eventually all the rest of all the rest of us...will be disposable too. "America", in the sense of Anglo-Protestant, rural, heartland, working America, is vanishing. We do need "eternal" after all. Or else we will be digested. How much do you trust your "leaders" to do the right thing?

By courtesy of The Failed Hermit, we present Orthodox Poetic. For those of a literary turn, enjoy!

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