Thursday, June 17, 2010

"...After a time in both Berlin and Dresden, Schlegel moved to Paris in June 1802, where he founded another new journal, Europa, and turned significant attention to the figurative arts..."

"...In 1925, [Rosenstock-Huessy] founded a journal, Die Kreatur (The Creature), which was edited by Wittig, a Roman Catholic; Martin Buber, a Jew; and Viktor von Wiezsacker, a Protestant, and lasted until 1930. “Among the contributors were Nicholas Berdyaev, Lev Shestov, Franz Rosenweig, Ernst Simon, Hugo Bergmann, Rudolf Hallo, and Florens Christian Rang. Each of these men had, between 1910 and 1932, in one way or another, offered an alternative to the idealism, positivism, and historicism that dominated German universities..."

This "occasional" is dedicated to providing a home for Christians (and others) who are dissatisfied enough with their own spiritual and intellectual circumstances to want to change. But more than that, it is about finding pure Truth, yet speaking it in love. "All things may be lawful, but not all are profitable..." . What we need now are networks capable of generating and elevating the antique inquiry which made no distinction between the head and the heart, and which frankly aimed at educating both the mind and the soul, together. The Blog Roll, the permanent pages, the links, and the posts are all aimed toward the same target: arming the self-questioner with material which has been proven to develop the sinews of the brain and awaken the spark of the heart. The author's perspective is that of the "traditional" Western project : a union of classical antiquity with the novelty of the Faith delivered to the saints, continued on under challenging circumstances and singularities emerging from contact with other traditions and Science in the modern world. All who share this belief, this conviction, even this desire or inkling, are welcome here. Fate returns, and the music re-awakens. As the debris and smoke clears from the "collapse" and the "culture wars", opportunity emerges, and we shall see what has stood not just the test of time, but of chaos and anger. It is there that we shall build again...To that end, you will find here, in the armorium, as many weapons from Gondor as I can find and you can wield. Unknown or forgotten thinkers are particularly useful to us in these matters, and my thanks goes to Joel Dietz for sharpening what little iron I have in this direction. In fact, he forged some of it. Also many thanks to the writers and thinkers (such as Res Publica) who bravely attempt what others think is impossible. The right thing to do is often inefficient, un-politic, unpopular, and seemingly impossible. Let us carry on…the truth is out there, and will continue to be so. The Good will take care of itself. We are just wanting to stand in the circle of Light. This site is a piece of a bigger picture, but also a haven of its own. There are only three forbidden phrases: 1. Who’s to say? 2. All things are relative. 3. There is no truth. (and 4. Any fancy derivative there-on). Since these statements are guaranteed to short-circuit thought or to end in a cul-de-sac (at best), let us restrict discussion to constructive ends. It need not always be of the highest standard, but it needs to be aimed at building, or at least defended as a necessary clearing of ground prior to something else that is creative. Schlegel and Rosenstock-Huessy are invoked as not as equals but as models. They set the tone. Rosenstock-Huessy saw back and forward in time as well as anyone, and Schlegel had begun to look East…

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  1. "I'm familiar with the points you bring. But they do not convince me that it would be a futile motion to establish, if not an Order, a ... network of people like us.
    ... The ultimate goal would be to plant a seed, underground, of an organism (resembling a männerbund) that could, like it'd be Balder himself, survive the darkness and the coming Ragnarök. An inclusive mission would be to seek out worthy specimen, among the people, and to direct them to material that gives orientation in the confusion; and see how they respond to the material to valuate if they are able to function within the ordered organism and strenghten it." [Wednesday, September 10, 2008]