Sunday, June 27, 2010

Questions for the Church

The concept of the political (see Karl Schmitt) is not even registering on the Church radars. The political is the result of devoted unequals who work to strengthen the body to harness itself to the right spirit, in order to achieve soul. It is not an Idea. Worship the Intellect (whether TULIP, regulative principles, or updated liturgies), and you lose the body. The Church will burn its pinch of incense to Caesar and the gods of Equality. It will become a tool to help people adapt to the new slavery of globalization, which treats us all like atoms to be harnessed as resources in the quest for domination. We will become politically enslaved to the lusts of those pulling the strings of power. Man is an icon, not an atom. He is not an idea, theory, or model. He is real. She is real. It is increasingly against the law to incarnate any principle which goes against the "ideal" of equality. Equality is an Idea. A false but clear Idea. And the Left has nowhere else to go with their failed project. All must be melted down to slag to achieve the religious eschaton of materialistic ontology, where the true noetic (including the body) is illuminated, enlightened, and then glorified. The Left reverses this. First believe the Lie and be glorified, then comes "enlightenment" (or acquiescence supine), and then comes "meaning". Satan always goes first.

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