Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Augean Stables

The Fifth Task will involve doing what seems impossible, in sheer magnitude. Massive lifestyle changes (Lifestyle itself, oh my!) will have to be implemented, as well as old forsaken duties resumed, and perhaps their neglected missions in the world that will suddenly be seen in a new light. One might even wish to try to save old gifts from God long abandoned. In any case, metanoia (thinking newly) will reveal more work than you can shake your stick at. You're going to need a river, like Hercules, to redirect through those piled up Augean stables. And when you're done, the Accuser will still proclaim that you didn't do it fair and square. Use the tactics of Greatheart, in Pilgrim's Progress, and arm yourselves with the active virtues of "works-righteousness" : dauntless, intrepid energy of action. The enemy can be destroyed at close quarters, and heaven can be taken by storm. Here, the helmet of faith alone does you no good, because you are wrestling enemies who will rip out your spleen. The whole armor of God is yours; dig that new channel, rip up the old river, and throw open the stable doors on the far end. Cleanse yourself and draw near to God. Don't wait for the miracle.

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