Monday, July 19, 2010


From John Piper's Filling Up The Afflictions Of Christ:
"It is ironic and sad that today supposedly avant-garde Christian writers can strike this cool, evasive, imprecise, artistic, superficially reformist pose of Erasmus and call it "postmodern" and capture a generation of unwitting, historically naive people who don't know they are being duped by the same old verbal tactics used by the elitist, humanist writers in past generations. We see them in the controversies between the slippery Arians and Athanasius, and we see them now in Tyndale's day. It's not postmodern. It's pre-modern--because it's perpetual."


  1. This is a great quote and it very precisely and accurate depicts the mode and operandi of many post-modern teachers today.


  2. I was impressed with Piper before, and moreso after I found this quote. Thanks for reading.