Thursday, July 29, 2010

Church Unity

Bulgakov seemed to think liturgy a more effective means of reunion than Theology. This, I have thought. It's also possible that the priestly elements of the Christian Church will need to sit and listen at the feet of some warrior-king figure. Isn't the story of David? Didn't he violate the priestly taboos and establish the new dynasty?

"Almost as a postscript to the heavenly warning issued at Fatima in 1917, Saint Maximilian Kolbe, two years later, reviewed the three Great Evils of the latter times, noting: “In 1517, the Protestants rebelled against the Church; in 1717, the Freemasons rebelled against Christ; and, in 1917, the Communists rebelled against God.” In a single sentence the Polish martyr had exposed common origin and natural succession of each of these Apocalyptic nightmares...."

How will the Protestant Church begin to cleanse itself of its associations with Progress? Might not the occasion of America fighting for its reason for existence, its very soul, be the time to begin "anew"? Wasn't Jonathan Edwards soaked and permeated with the God-centered, solar, masculine theology which forms the basis of (in Augustine's words) true religion?

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