Sunday, July 17, 2011

More Quotes from Bondarev

"Thus the Jahve-element is today an integral part of the nationalism of all peoples, including those who, unlike the Jews, should not as yet be assimilated. . . . The folk-spirits, the archangels, the spirits of language have a moderating influence on the materialistic and abstract spirit of the epoch. The Archangel Michael -- the countenance of the Lord -- leads the human beings who can take their development into their own hands, beyond the national, beyond the folk-element, to the level of the universal-human."

"It was known in the occult societies that the impulse of the new sociality streams from the Spirit, that the conditions for this had matured on earth {after the ascension of Michael as Time-Spirit in 1879} and that the developed self-consciousness of man is no longer willing to endure the last form of slavery -- the sale of human labour. It was becoming dangerous to ignore the decree of the spirit and it was impossible to do away with it entirely. Therefore the impulse was given free rein, but in an ahrimanic sheath. From the beginning both Russia and Germany were subject to attack." [p. 117]

". . . Germany is the 'third eye' of the world, that centre of modern civilization through which it can establish the conscious supersensible connection with the world of the spirit. . . . An oppression, a destruction of Germany and Middle Europe, the falsification of its spiritual nature, would mean to sever the connection of earthly civilization with the spiritual world, to cast it into the darkness of materialism. -- A distortion of the spiritual nature of Russia, the dissolving of its connection with Central Europe is tantamount to robbing the world of its future." [p. 191]

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