Wednesday, July 6, 2011


The legend says that once the spirits of darkness wanted to storm the realm of light. They succeeded in reaching the boundary of the realm of light and wanted to conquer it. But they could accomplish nothing. Now they were to be punished ... by the realm of light. But nothing evil existed in the realm of light, only good. The demons of darkness could only have been punished with good. So what happened? ... The spirits of the realm of light took a portion of their realm and mixed it into the material kingdom of darkness ... Thus there arose within this realm of darkness a sourdough as it were, a ferment, which set the kingdom of darkness into a chaotic whirling dance, whereby it received a new element, namely death. So that it continuously devours itself and thus bears the seed of its own destruction within itself (Nov. 11, 1904, GA 93). The legend tells further that thanks to this event man appeared. As the first man (Adam) it was ... he who had been sent from the realm of light to mix with the realm of darkness and to overcome through death all that should not be in the realm of darkness; to overcome it within himself (ibid.).

Rudolf Steiner

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