Friday, July 8, 2011

End Times

In contrast to the Christianity of the Holy Trinity our century creates its new kind of religion. This 'religion' (counter-religion) absorbs all the fruits of atavistic occultism and makes them, in one or another form, accessible to the masses. In the mass-media one is already stating openly that parapsychology ought to take on the role of a new, universal, international religion. Any form whatever of practical magic, witchcraft, shamanism, every old superstition, all the teachings of East and West, North and South, the latest scientific theories and discoveries - all this will be thrown into the melting-'pot' of a so-called universal, earthly-cosmic world-view whose function will be to determine in practice the development of culture and civilization in the new epoch.

The entire social structure of the world assumes ever more distinctly the traits of a social anti-threefolding. In place of the equality of all human beings in the sphere of rights, we see emerging the world-wide rulership of a new, occult aristocracy. The spiritual life is shaped by means of magical hocus-pocus, of anti-aestheticism, and through the synthesis of pop-art and parapsychology.

Economically one divides the world into the caste of rulers and the helots who work for them. It will not be long before, instead of the associations of free producers (communes, communities), we will see the proletarians of the future: pious beings living on the level of group-consciousness, and bound to machines through the use of occult forces.

All this is unfortunately no empty fantasy. Such a development can only be arrested through a conscious appeal to Christ in his Second Coming, the event heralded by Anthroposophy. In the end the forces of good will triumph, for Christ has said: In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world (John 16; 33).

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