Monday, July 4, 2011

Germanity & Slavs

See *The Crisis Of Civilization* by the excommunicated Russian Anthroposophist Gennady Bondarev. He considers the 6th Epoch to be more a "German-Slavic" epoch, since the right development can happen only if the Mid-European cultural tasks of social *I*-development come to fruition and are passed on to the East. Steiner says that the Germans are the avant-garde of the sixth sub-race (GA264). The true German culture comes to expression in Idealism, Goetheanism, Anthroposophy, and Social Threefolding. It has been the aim, all too succesful, of evil occult-political forces in the 20th Century to crush the Germans and the East Slavs, to prevent the right evolution toward the 6th Epoch. If these evil designssucceed, the 6th Epoch will then be centered in South America, but will be maimed and distorted, and the Spirit Self will not descend in the way intended for progressive evolution. Bondarev does not give a citation of Steiner for this last point, but I think Prokofieff does, in his *Spiritual Origins of Eastern Europe...*This book of Bondarev's has not really been published in English, but you can get an proofreader's copy from Nelson Willby in

This is a deep study of the contempory war agains Mid and Eastern Europe, and more. He also has a book especially about Russia, *Die Wartende Kultur*, a 3-volume work on the Goethean method, and more. These are available in German from Willy Lochmann: < > Prokofieff,in the book mentioned, puts forward the idea that the East Slavs took on, as a sacrifice, the world-karma of materialism in the form of the Boshevik oppression, thus enabling Western and Central Europe to develop to a better degree than would have been otherwise possible. He comes in for some trenchant criticism on this point (and many others also) from another Russian, Irina Gordienko, in her book *S.O. Prokofieff, Myth and Reality*. For a flyer on this last book, see Site

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