Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Localism & Federalism

Proper love of one's self extends slowly outward to proper constitution of the polis.

Claimed "universal order" can be directly judged by its effects upon the virtues previous to it. If, for example, in a man's private life, his quest for knowledge ruins his faith & goodness, then the knowledge is "unprofitable" (not-upaya) and therefore, a sin. All of "modern order" (or at least, that part which is peculiarly "modern", which is its claim to fame) can be viewed as a counterfeit of "real" progress, which is metaphysical, not materialistic. One world government is gutting local communities. It is therefore fake & wrong. One's progress can be judged by its effects on one's previous attainments. This is spiritual discernment, or "judging spirits".

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