Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bondarev on Following Christ

The conditions prevailing in the cosmos require of man that he should attain knowledge of the world-battle waged by the Gods against the luciferic and ahrimanic hordes. In this battle the highest God, who passed through death on earth and pointed the way to the final overcoming of the world-dualism of spirit and matter, is on the side of man. But man can follow Christ only in the 'I', for He is the God of the human 'I'. This means that, in his 'I', which he lives out in the combined faculties thinking, feeling and willing, the human being should strive for the ideal of the higher life, which brings not impoverishment and loss but enhancement of self-consciousness and the wealth of individual being.

The fourth chakra is the balancing chakra in the middle of the human chalice (the Grail?). It is midpoint between heaven & earth. Christ (in a certain sense) is the balancing point between heaven & earth. In him, righteousness and peace meet and have kissed. Bondarev is saying exactly that.

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