Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lincoln & Charity

"Whereas [the founding fathers] Jay, Hamilton, and Madison are describing the meaning and process of government in profoundly secular terms (they rarely mention Christianity), Lincoln's speeches resonate with theological themes...."
Grant N. Havers is Professor of Philosophy and Political Studies at Trinity Western University, Canada.

"Thus, it is a literal (↓↑), like an exteriorization of the interior followed by an interiorization of the exterior. And clearly, the descending or involutionary arrow must be prior in this relationship, one more reason why scientism and metaphysical Darwinism are such absurdities."

One might speculate that it is the deprivation of the vertical that creates "Science", which is the unraveling of God's Creation backward (for certain purposes?), while in other "fields" or "arts", the re-verticalization (through charity?) which restores meaning. Two qualifiers: Lincoln was willing to "sacrifice" a great deal of other people to accomplish this charity; and Ur-Spengler (the original Oswald Spengler) was no fan of "English Darwinian" evolution and the sciences which rested upon it, since it represented the victory of Aristotle over Plato.

Science (and the political theology of liberal democracy) do seem to share something in common, but it is difficult to put my finger precisely upon it. Or is this an illusion created by their contingent/material linking?

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