Friday, October 22, 2010

Second World

America is no longer "First World". & We are starting to know it.

Thank you, Progress. What, in God's name, is this "Progress"?
Well, Progress is truth, light, peace, love & justice (especially Economic).
So, who would oppose such a thing.
God only knows. Reactionaries, coteries of bankers and autocrats, congeries of racists. That sort.
How do we know these people are execrable? Surely you don't mean to suggest...?
They oppose Progress. That is enough.
Isn't this just a question of power, then? Your enemies, defined as evil.
They aren't "my" enemies. This is a natural process. No one is coordinating it. It is destiny.
Mmmmm. No one? How does one discern this natural process?
Whatever conduces to Progress, naturally.
That's a tight little circle, there.
It's a natural process. Process & Progress.
So, how would we know if this was going awry? If it was highjacked? Or off the rails?
It would not Progress.
If it does not Progress, should we wait?
No, we should act.
Who is "we"?
Those who are in favor of it.
I thought you said this was a natural process.
It is. It occurs naturally.
Oh, no. Naturally. It works all by itself.
Except when we have to make it happen.
We mainly just don't obstruct the magic.
Is it ever not magical?
I've never seen it happen.
Thank you for your time.

Message received. How about turning to someone with something to say?

"-- or perhaps not -- this is one of the central themes of Borella's The Sense of the Supernatural. He is a French Catholic esoterist, completely orthodox in his thinking, as far as I can tell. He points out that it has only been in the last two or three centuries that we have developed this strict demarcation between "nature" and supranature, which means that the point-circle is taken to be the ultimate reality, instead of the cross-circle."

Rosenstock-Huessy took this line, with his "traject" and "preject", opposing (like all good thinkers) the worldview of Descartes. Apparently, Schuon has fleshed it out. The problem is that the Western world has this hangover binge that we seem to want to continue (that being the nature of binge drinking). "Progress" is a mental stopgap word for something we can't define; it is the object of mystification & dogmatic worship of the most dangerous kind. Orwell would say that it is a word used to hide our lack of understanding. "Progress" (through quantification) is of course, what Descartes' Reason is intended to achieve. And any fool can see the circle it leads to. Any fool, but the fool living through Progress.

Much better to worship the living God, whose insanity is wiser than the cunning of "Progress".

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