Sunday, October 31, 2010


Guillame Faye is the only person I know dealing with this level of synthesis.

Moreover, as the philosopher Raymond Ruyer, detested by the left-bank intelligentsia, foretold in his two important works, Les nuisances idéologiques and Les cents prochains siècles, once the historical digression of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries has finally closed, with egalitarianism's hallucinations having descended into catastrophe, humanity will return to archaic values, that is, quite simply, to biological and human (anthropological) values: distinctive sexual roles; the transmission of ethnic and popular traditions; spirituality and sacerdotal organization; visible and supervisory social hierarchies; the worship of ancestors; initiatory rites and tests; the reconstruction of organic communities that extend from the individual family unit to the overarching national community of the people; the deindividualization of marriage to involve the community as much as the couple; the end of the confusion of eroticism and conjugality; the prestige of the warrior caste; social inequality, not implicit, which is unjust and frustrating, as in today's egalitarian utopias, but explicit and ideologically justifiable; a proportioned balance of duties and rights; a rigorous justice whose dictates are applied strictly to acts and not to individual men, which will encourage a sense of responsibility in the latter; a definition of the people and of any constituted social body as a diachronic community of shared destiny, not as a synchronic mass of individual atoms, etc.


  1. It is hard to believe that a culture which believes in atheistic/agnostic evolution as driving impetus for life will ever embrace 'the worship of ancestors.'

    If we look at current scientific ideas which are poised to shape popular mindset then I predict that the most probable next trend will come out of the idea of "emergence" wherein a large number of individual small systems interact to take on behaviours not seen in the individuals.
    This will allow people to feel comfortable both with evolutionary thought and the idea that the individual is superceded within social constructs (e.g. family units). In this sense society will be able to embrace both archaic values (e.g. deindividualization) and maintain the ability to deny God.

  2. No, basic examples of emergent behaviour can be seen in flocks of birds and schools of fish. They show collective behaviour even without a "leader" telling them where to go and this collective behaviour is different than any individual behaviour. More complex systems often shown "role formation" for otherwise identical agents.
    As a well accepted but still developing scientific arena I believe that this type of thinking will permeate societal thought and shape the adoption of some quasi-archaic values (e.g. visible societal hierarchies).
    - but I don't think that we will ever societally return to ancestor worship unless evolutionary thought is dethroned as a societally pervasive influence.

  3. What you describe is largely transpiring today inside late-industrial Western democracies. As one person opined, soon they can just ping our twittering to take the "general will" of the masses out the air and translate it to public policy. Although I am not sure that Archaeo-Futurism would tend towards such a goal ~ they seem more interested in Empire, just as they seem more interested in ancestor-power rather than ancestor-worship.