Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Poem for the Moderns

"I am God. There is not God. And thus I compete with Him.
The life is this, that I also wish, and thus I come not hither.
I write because I like, I like what I write, and I find more fools to battle.
They that would rage, against me in spaces, together we'd meet in the middle.
I muck in the dirt, I find new worth, the old and the specter of time,
And under the dirt, is the greatest of worth - the death and the life of the father.
He fought and he won, then birthed him new sons, by putting his seed in the mother.
We are impressed, and lest we regress, so strive we forward together.
Our science's decree, also climatology, is the age of peace we've ushered,
No more children may come, but evolution has run, holding hands evolve we no longer.
Humanists all, for history's fault, is to have us strike at each other.
And when we address, problems in Congress, then make we war no longer.
The world today is a much better place, a much better place I tell you.
Then when we were then, in those myth-filled places when the old gods ruled over.
With His wicked decrees, His mind-bending fees, His lies and myths ruled together.
So walk we no more on old Eden's floor, until out of Silicon and Steel we rend her."

Joel Dietz

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