Saturday, October 23, 2010

Unity-in-Diversity ~ The Swiss Idea

The other choice is to pursue a pattern modeled after Switzerland’s. It has worked for centuries. Additionally, one of the world’s highest standards of living and GDP per person as well as unemployment around 3%, speak for the recipe. Four languages with their own Cantons, several religions and ways of life, and a location between great powers that had repeatedly fought each other, made the achievement anything but foreordained. Thus, we have a good example for making diversity into an asset and for allowing differences to serve as the soil in which constructive competitive conflicts thrive.

There is a lack of going back to roots here, a modern aversion to depth. Let's be denotationally correct ~ all political ideas have religious roots. But I agree with the point. Switzerland is what Europe ought to be. Perhaps the Saint who saved Switzerland had something to do with it? Elective affinities, indeed.

Those who ignore them, live on the surface...and despite their money and Crystal Cathedrals, have to go bankrupt one fine morning...

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