Friday, January 28, 2011

State of the Cosmos

As Obama gave his address to the "last, best hope of earth", Egypt is the next fall guy. No one is asking who will replace him, whether or not we were instrumental in keeping him there for so long, or who might have been there in his place. Nor (indeed) is anyone keen to discuss our role in bringing about his fall (the Obama regime is calling for him to be "responsive" to the people), nor to remark that such an "authoritarian strong man" is so easily laid low by the power of the peaceful people. Was Mubarak a despot or strong man at all, that a word from our White House can send him reeling and usher in God only knows what? Speak not the forbidden word "authority"; in a world dominated by chaos perceived only as goodness by those who are bitter for the utopia they can never have and settle (like hogs) for the next best thing (a world in which the illusion of utopia is fed to lust in a world sorcery state), those upon the side of peace & order will have to "ride the tiger". For surely, in the land of fools, the mad one is king.

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