Saturday, January 1, 2011

Initiation & Religion

The initiate is (apparently) much different from the disciple. It might be preferable if the disciple was also an initiate. This seems to have been the case with the "Original 12". Gene Wolfe deals with some of these themes in his Torturer epos cycle.
"the 'heroic path' (vîra-mârga), which, under the sign of pure transcendence, have as principle a true anomia, and a scorn for the common moral and religious rules, although the ultimate end is not different from that of the 'Right-Hand Path', which instead uses such rules as a support ("the rules which do not chain but sustain those who do not know how to go by themselves"). In general, the recurrence of 'antinomianism' (this word designates the rejection of the rules of the current religion), which almost always indicates connections with the world of Initiation or of esotericism, is well-known in the history of religions."
I will note, however, that this is a different conception of "Anti-Nomos" than most Westerners are familiar with. The main antinomian varieties (in the past) are degenerating elements which have a simple hatred of transcendence, not a committment to it under other forms.

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