Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Kernel of Truth in Harry Potter May be as the Pope Fears

This distinguishes Hermetic philosophy from academic philosophy. It is not sufficient to know. One must also will and dare. This is what makes the ideas actual.

Abraxas tells us that it is necessary to firmly and actively establish a new quality, by becoming the master of a part of your life. The path to becoming one among the Solar race involves:

1. Become innerly detached from yourself and from what surrounds you; maintain a sober, effortless, neutral, and well-balanced lifestyle, without excesses. Sleep only as needed and eat little.
2. Let your body be whole, calm, harmonized. Temper your soul with the power that is in you; cleanse it from impulsiveness, passions, restlessness, and then stabilize it and amalgamate it with your body.
3. Other beings do not exist. Do not let their actions, thoughts, or judgments affect you, no matter what they are.
4. Make sure that nothing will secretly creep into you: watch over everything that comes from the outside and that emerges from the unexplored depths of your consciousness. Observe all things in silence with your mind and remain unperturbed, stopping every judgment with a firm hand.
5. If passions bother you, do not react or become perturbed. Bring them deliberately to satisfaction, and then get rid of them.
6. Grow in this direction until you are able to realize the frivolity, uselessness, and the threat of every thought, so that your mind, too, may slowly calm down and silently crouch at your feet.
7. In this way you can slowly build up a strength inside you, similar to a lord whose glance instills silence, respect, or confusion in the servants around him.

Advice from Evola, in the Hermetic Tradition

The basic idea here (may or could) seem(s) to be that one cannot assist another (Love Thy Neighbor) until one has a core, inviolable center which is immovable in that which is irresistible. In this way, the yoke becomes easy. One cannot conquer heaven by storm without taking possession of one's self, which allows one to fulfill the Law. Exoteric Christianity (eg., the "Church") will always have difficulty with the esoteric tradition, which attempts to reclaim the wells that have poisoned by Satan. What better way to cripple something than to stunt it, to convince it that that which is "the one thing necessary" is actually part of the Enemy?

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