Sunday, January 23, 2011

The West Must be Reborn

The West no longer knows Wisdom: it no longer knows the majestic silence of those who have mastered themselves, the bright calm of the Seers, the superb “solar” reality of those in whom the idea has made itself blood, life, and power. Wisdom has been supplanted by the rhetoric of “philosophy” and “culture”, the realm of professors, journalists, and sportsmen—the plan, the program, the proclamation. It has succumbed to sentimental, religious, humanitarian contamination, and the race of chatterers who run around madly exalting “becoming” and “practice”, because silence and contemplation frighten them.~ Julius Evola, Pagan Imperialism

The brilliant Stephen Tonsor explains:

Molnar views the 'republique des lettres' essentially as a conspiracy of the intellectuals; a kind of Grand Orient of the intellect, capable of deposing kings and emptying churches...the French Revolution (is) a consequence of this great conspiracy...(this) loose yet solid framework of writers and 'philosophes' became the 'invisible power' which commands everywhere, including the king's palace... Moreover, Molnar believes that ' a replica of the intellectuals' republic exists' at the present time in the United States composed of the 'manipulators of ideas and images, writers, professors, artists, journalists' with sufficient power to make revolutionary attitudes 'respectable to the point of gradually being looked upon as legitimate, and the only legitimate thesis...

Thomas Molnar

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