Monday, July 23, 2012

Mystery of Death

Very good thoughts.
Two very good points:
1. Those who "see God" in this life do not have to wait for a Last Judgement. So there is some huge reward for being saintly or mystical or magical enough in this life to behold the Creator.
2. Heavenly life is just a continuation of this one. This is not purely Orthodox dogma - Bo Yin Ra teaches this as well :
Overall, we must experience daily, as St. John Chrysostom says, that the present life is an “inn”. We entered this inn, we live, but we must take care to depart in good hope, without leaving anything here in order not to lose what is there. Furthermore, all of us Christians should realize that death has been defeated by the Cross and the Resurrection of Christ, that communion with Christ is a continuous transcendence of death and of the fear of death, that the exit of the soul from the body is a course towards the heavenly Church and the encounter with Christ, the Panagia and the saints, that the soul will return to the body, and the body will be resurrected and live eternally, according to the way it lived on this earth.

3. Saints do not "sleep" but are actively praying for earth in the Divine Liturgy, until they reunite with the body. There are (therefore) two kinds of saints - those who are already "judged" and see God and are in their new bodies, and those who await the Last Judgement but are "saved".

Live the way you want to, in the next life, now.

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