Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Advice for Spiritual Combat

"When, therefore, you find yourself Oppressed with Dryness and Distaste for spiritual things, ascertain whether or not it is to be attributed to any Fault of your own, and if so, Amend it Instantly, not so much with a view to regaining that Sensible, but in order to banish everything that is the least Displeasing to God. If, however, after Careful Scrutiny, you can discover no such Fault, be not concerned about recovering your Sensible; rather exert yourself in the Acquisition of that Perfect Devotion which consists in Perfect Conformity to the Will of God. However Barren and Insipid your usual Exercises may seem, be Resolute and Persevering in your execution of them, drinking Cheerfully the Bitter Cup the Heavenly Father has presented to you"
Lorenzo de Scopoli

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