Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cute Nihilists

Now the nihilists are just getting cute - this one committed suicide and left his thesis on the web as a note. But don't laugh - this is what Harvard is up to - the guy looks like James Franco, superstar. Is this what being a real WASP means?

"The modern notion of egalitarian progress preceded Darwin, and the full implications of this progress looked quite different after Darwin. Just as some whites once considered blacks so racially distinct that sexual intercourse was considered bestiality, progress would now demand that
this stigmatization of bestiality be deemed uncivilized altogether. Bestiality emerges as the cutting edge of civilization. Discrimination against bestiality is thus barbarism. Marriage between human animals and nonhuman animals should be legalized and normalized. Despised animals of all species should emerge from their hiding corners. Ugly creatures of all species unite! At some point, the collective accumulation of rights would seem to snowball into a gargantuan interspecies orgy.
Heterosexual bestiality between humans and other animals
would be followed by the acceptance of homosexual
bestiality. The nascent gay, lesbian, transgender chimpanzee
rights movement would be followed by the liberation of
queer koalas and bestial butterflies."


Sad waste of intellect - obviously "smarts" doesn't correlate to much, if it comes to this. I have more faith in the Chevalier de Sangrael. But don't laugh, these are our "elites" of America - perhaps the Slavic world can raise the banner of the suffering Christ Victor against it?

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