Saturday, August 6, 2011

NeoPlatonism & Other Subjects

Interesting take on Augustine and the modern world.
1. Mundane reality of cause & effect, power, etc. is inherently oppressive
2. To live only in terms of this world is to prostitute yourself to domination
3. It is to cut one's self off from living Truth totally, and submerse one's self into military, economic, and political power, not to mention (ultimately) Occult power
4. Virtue exists within this system (bravery in Special Force solders is very real) but it is co-opted and will ultimately be "owned" by dominating powers.
5. To opt out of this ultimately frustrating situation which is ultimately the necessary condition of fallen man involves one in an effort of will.
6. The understanding follows the will.
7. Liberation occurs through ascesis (which begins with monastic rule & Church life).
8. This rule slowly but surely brings about greater experiences of God's grace, which creates harmony and peace, within and without.
9. This habit of Charity views Logos in people, refuses to use them, and reinforces a habit of virtue which aspires to and ascends a path of knowledge to God.
10. So, politics and private property are a result of the Fall
11. Society would have existed had the Fall never occured
12. Anyone who wishes to rule in the Church will have had to master the unique temptations of being human, and to do less of a "rule" and to be more of an "icon"
13. Human government can be changed and transformed, but will never be free of this problem in the same way that the Church ought to be (at least).

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  1. Interesting observations. Exactly where are they coming from in Augustine?