Sunday, August 14, 2011

Heavenly Serbia & Media Lies

In a blog dedicated to revisting old ideas, it is important to revisit "Heavenly Serbia". The author does not deny (he has no reason to need to, regardless of the truth or not), that atrocities were committed by Serbia during the recent war against Islam & other elements. However, here are some interesting links below which show how our media engages in a selective silence on certain issues. Graphic pictures contained.

1. Serbian casualities
2. Please define Genocide
3. Very graphic pictures of Islamic victims
4. Churches aren't safe either

This doesn't demonstrate that there are "always two sides" (always a favorite in the relativistic West). They demonstrate that war is terrible, that man is in grave danger, & that our Media is sytematically lying to us.

One has to ask, who is doing the lying, and why? Is this just happenstance? How is it always that Russia and the Serbs end up as the "ultimate bad guys", with lots of movies being made portraying them as such?

When were we ever told about how much danger Serbs were in?


  1. I see your statement about Serbia, but I don't see the links and the content. What's my problem?

  2. The numbers look like they are highlighted, but they are links. I know Serbia is an emotional topic in the West, but it seems to me that the bigger issue for us (since we aren't really there & probably can't fathom the suffering that is transpiring at any level) is what interest our politicians & media had in portraying Serbia so badly and one-sidedly. It looks to me like we were trying to show how weak Russia was (at that time). Pretty low.

    I appreciate your interest, sir, and look forward to future issues from the Arabian peninsula.

  3. Thanks. I am a little slow on some computer stuff.
    I can't access it now, but I wrote an essay for an out-of-the-way publication a few years ago on the Clinton administration's atrocities against the Serbian Orthodox Church in its seriously misguided campaign to side with Islam. If I can locate it I will be happy to send it on. I wrote it from Oman in a time when I was first making a serious (pre-9/11)effort to understand what was happening in this world as a result of the Islamic awakening. From my perspective, the Clinton campaign was not only pro-Islamic but decidedly anti-Christian, which is not too surprising these days but, in this instance, was a major world cultural event that the Western media have been only to happy to ignore. I can't remember the name of the Protestant Calvinist theologian who analyzed how the media places its single lens on just one small piece of the canvas and thus shapes our view of "history."
    Keep up the good work!

  4. I love Richard Weaver's phrase for the TV - "Stereopticon" - it's geared for sound bytes, entertainment, etc. It should never be viewed as anything other than what it is - a place to listen to talking heads for entertainment. Yes, I would love to see your piece, if you don't mind. My address is The good side of the whole thing was that it decisively turned Russia against the New World Order and liberal democracy (I think, anyway). Putin realized that having an adversarial relationship with us was literally safer than being "friends" (halfway homes always get bombed). Serbia was a casualty of Russia being weak and attempting to be our friend.

    You as well!

    August 15, 2011 9:33 PM

  5. Mr. Smallwood,

    The article was "Kosovo: American Foreign Policy and the Islamic Empire"
    by Francis Martel, July/August 99. Pgs. 24-31.

    It was published in Culture Wars in 1999 under this pseudonym because I was somewhat wary of the Omani government's surveillance practices.

    I am unable to find a copy but have sent Dr. E. Michael Jones, the redoubtable editor, a request for an e-copy.

    What you say about Russia is very interesting, One of my friends now refers to Russia as the only Christian nation left. That old Russian soul just does not like any infringement on its territory--or its soul.

    I'll let you know if I get the piece. It's rather aggressive, if I recall correctly.

    Ken Craven

  6. Thanks very much. Matthew Raphael Johnson has some writings you would be interested in, including Heavenly Serbia. I'll post some links, although I already have some up.