Thursday, August 11, 2011

America is Dying - Slowly

2. What are your views on America today?

America is a sick society. It is an oligarchy. The state and her "culture" is the property of private interests, and therefore, so is her foreign policy. She is attempting to lead the development of an a-cultural world order dominated by finance and commodity capital, and, therefore, all nationalists and separatists within her borders are mercilessly hounded and regularly assaulted. The extreme left and their neo-conservative hangers-on are funded exclusively by corporate capital, and the public records of their political largesse are available at the Capital Research Center. However, the good news is that the oligarchy is currently losing a war in Iraq, is drowning in unrepayable debt, and is addicted to China’s commodity capital, providing the latter with a substantial lever of power against her imperialist tendencies. Therefore, there is no feasible way for America to recover outside of the slow dismantling of the federal system, and a return to regional and state sovereignty. America’s fall from global power means that the world will be remade into a series of regional power centers, each developing the specific potential of her region.

Matthew Raphael Johnson interview

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