Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Force of Truth

A little known Christian writer (who was probably a "heretic" in that he seems to have believed that mere acceptance of the Jesus narrative conveyed saving faith) named Hervey had a large influence on evangelical spirituality & also English literature (Blake & Walpole) . His book Theron & Apasio (a dialogue between a witty cultured non-believer & a Christian) was instrumental in helping convert Thomas Scott (to be fair, so were a lot of other books named in Scott's autobiography, The Force of Truth). An online edition is here. An interesting blog entry on the man here. I've always been attracted by Scott's fidelity to Truth (read his autobiography when very young), and Hervey's aesthetic Christianity makes an interesting complement to Scott's work. The lesson here? Attempt hard things for God. Attempt crazy things for God. Always seek God.

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