Saturday, January 7, 2012


White Boys, Black Gods.
Film review, by Nowicki. Too bad for the typical modern football fan.
"Big Fan" is a powerfully honest look at an all-too-common specimen of modern-day white Western man, who is full of what W.B. Yeats called "passionate intensity" yet lacks any significant sense of rootedness in a meaningful and sustenance-giving tradition. Instead of dedicating himself to a transcendent faith and cleaving tightly to the wisdom of his ancestors, Paul Aufiero lives for nothing but his paltry appetite. He works a crap job, masturbates to Playboy magazine, obsessively "root-root-roots" for the home team, and generally sees no problem with being just the way he is. To be fair, Paul is not without some worthwhile qualities: he possesses heart, guts, and at least some degree of intelligence, but seemingly he has no intention ever to mature past the emotional state of a 12-year old.

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