Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Just attempted to watch Le Carre's story about Big Pharm in Africa. After suffering through ham-handed intros of the "humanitarian" (Weisz) meeting her soon to be husband, I settled in, only to get a feeling about the ambience which I could not describe. We stopped the movie 20 minutes in, & I hastened to Google some reviews to re-assure myself; inadvertently, saw the ending in outline. Que horrible! We tried to put our finger on the "feel" of the show. Then the word came, a word which describes, in a nutshell, all that I hate about "liberalism" (although there are certainly a few things to admire, as well) : "Lugubrious". I normally wouldn't review something I hadn't seen to the end. But in this case, despite "good reviews", I trust my gut. There were too many flashbacks, too many "home video" angles, too many cliches (I hate cliches, no matter of what political stripe). To be killed for God is something; to be killed for being a film starry-"humanitarian" is too big of a pill for even me to swallow. I know Big Pharm is corrupt (like all "big money" things); why didn't Tessa? To have this wrapped up in the packaging of liberal religion is a job only for the most consummate professionals.

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