Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dealing the Death Blow to Liberalism?

I must confess to a secret fantasy of writing the "perfect" refutation of secular liberalism. In truth, this is a confession, for there is no refutation of that which is a perfect shadow, for secular liberalism is precisely that, a vain shadow. Notwithstanding this, it has grown more powerful & convincing in its narrative every day, so that "even the elect may be deceived". One is reminded of the Tibetan practice of creating mental phantasms and enduing them with spiritual energy until a demon/god/ghost is created; in the words of Culianu (an apologist for the perfect secular magic), it risks becoming a "sorcerer state" which rules the population through "soft totalitarianism" and the projection of fantastical wishes which cannot be fulfilled. One cannot fight this enemy with the violence of counter-revolution; not only does God warn us against such ("those who live by the sword, die by the sword"), but one cannot fight what one is a part of, and every Protestant Anglo-Saxon still left in America is part and parcel of the New World Order, which came, not with a political mandate from the melancholy gods of Progressivism (who are losing legitimacy by the day, even in their own eyes), but in the abandonment of Tradition and Culture which accompanied the exaltation of Sola Scriptura. To fight this, one has to begin the Long Abandonment, which will take a long, long time, for not only must I disentangle my own thoughts from Protestant rationalism, I must also conserve within myself that which is manly and that which is worth saving. I must fear God, and honor the Once-and-future-King, and I must forever abandon any hope that democracy (despite Walter Russell Meade's attempt to make it look glorious all over again) will do anything but promote the wrack and ruin of those souls which I know and hold dear, in my family, my friends, and those I encounter in the world.

There is more to come, some in the way of how to "see through the illusion" of Progressive Modernism, not by fighting the demon, but by annihilating it in the light of a greater Truth.

We must "see through the illusion, and into the Dream". It is dangerous and dark, and that has the makings of a quest.

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