Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sunday Roundup

George Orwell shows us what it's like to be a truly "literate" man. Who could write a defense this intelligent these days? Or as objective?

A LaRouche article - at least the subject matter is interesting. I've been aware there was occult involvement in France's revolutions for some time, albeit I think it simplistic to believe that the Peace of Westphalia was an event which was "sweetness and light" only, or that "synarchy" necessarily represents Fascism.

From our "man in Munich", someone whom I truly admire:

Intermission over

Power, and the struggle for power, is cemented in the modern mind such that one can hardly imagine doing anything without such a struggle. Even when such an urge arises, and it invariably does since there is more to humans than competition of the fittest, it cannot be evaluated with recourse to power. This is a neurosis, and yet there is no way out for the present generation, since a way out would invariably contain another way of conceptualizing the situation, the possibility of other motives, perhaps even an aesthetically replete sensibility. This is, however, too much to ask, and even we are not wrong to discuss the crude lusts that motivate men (and women!), it is not at all clear that this is the main drama. It is as though in the audience at the opera, we noticed a man selling popcorn. This is out of place! And yet, of course, the audience is hungry. There are some who will buy. This is true, this is life, this is what it is to be human. However, should a review of the opera include a line or two about the popcorn salesman? Was his popcorn good? Was his sales pattern efficient? Perhaps he should even get a page in the program. Perhaps a book on popcorn sales. Maybe even an additional academic department.

Or, perhaps better, we should simply forget that he exists and go back to the main drama.

Joel Dietz

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