Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Sunday Article Round-Up

Sundays, or Saturday evenings, I'll be trying to post articles I am currently working on, or at least interested in trying to halfway complete sometime soon. Here is the weekend offering.

Dugin-Olavo debate.

Dugin argues against "the West" and calls for allies within. Olavo calls him a fascist. I am left wondering if these are the only two alternatives, and somehow feel that Dugin is closer to the truth than his interlocutor.

Greed Ain't Good.

Since Vico & Mandeville, "greed is good". First Things writer takes umbrage at any system, moral or otherwise, which reaches such a counter-intuitive result.

The Market as God.

Sacrificing chickens may work as well as the "science" of economy. The language of the invisible hand sure sounds theological.

An alternative, paleo-con style.

Medaille tries to parse why we, the West, are disintegrating on all fronts, even in our vaunted "free markets". I especially like this short effort to refute the idea that politics and economics (or morals) can be ultimately and finally separated.

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