Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"Good and Sufficient Conservators"

Are modern conservatives up to the job? Do they even know, or have a shredded clue, of what that would mean? Or are they merely "take it slow" liberals, who share the same basic worldview with the progressives, that money and power and technology answer to all things? They are not preserving the statutes, and are faithless public servants, they and all their ilk. Maybe they should spend some time in "useless knowledge" pursuits, say, perusing the rolls of England. Sad to say, it would improve their mind immensely and noticeably, for their minds have shrunk to the size of a newspaper caption or a TV sound byte - we hear that Herman Cain is quoting Pokemon these days. Nero fiddled while Rome burned, but Democrats and Republicans have one-upped him. You see, the problem is not "for lack of trying". The Bible tells us (assuming people still read it, and the only reason - and it is a clear and sufficient reason - I bring it up is that they drape themselves in it, both sides of the political spectrum) that "without vision, the people perish". They don't "have a vision", and if they did, it would be a hodge-podge stew of sentimental rubbish they concocted from Sunday school fables, personal experience they don't understand, and good old fashioned demagoguery. It would be, in short, confabulation - political rhetoric aimed at winning the vote, so the same tired lies - how good America is just like she is, how wonderful everything is becoming, etc., etc., - could be used to keep people in line to earn millions for special factions, interests, and groups. The only question is, which brand is the public buying today? And is Coke really better than Pepsi? Is this how it ends? Dig deeper, America. Look into the mystery of evil. Find the truth. This will not be won at the polls; the revolutionaries have always known that.

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