Thursday, November 11, 2010

Who says Philosophers Aren't Famous?

Slavoj is at it again.

Comments to follow...

But I will say this ~

Slavoj is busy pressing for a new universalism (one in which Lacan, Hegel, Marx, & Paul have equal time presenting their side of the four facets of truth).

Others are pointing out that medievalism is going to 'come back' (as if we weren't living in the Dark Ages already).

In the [medieval] model of civil society, most good and important things take place below the universal level of the state: the family, the arts, learning, and science; business enterprise and technological process. These are the work of individuals and groups, and the involvement of the state is remote and disengaged. It is the rule of law that screens out the state's insatiable aggressiveness and corruption and gives freedom to civil society below the level of the state. It so happens that the medieval world was one in which men and women worked out their destinies with little or no involvement of the state most of the time. A retromedieval world is one that has consciously turned back the welfare and regulatory state from impinging drastically upon, or even in totalitarian fashion swallowing up, society in the corrosive belly of the brackish public whale represented by its self-serving bureaucrats.... Retromedievalism means personal sentiment shaped and controlled by formal traditions as well as institutions and structures that recognized the privilege of private feeling and personal love.

Slavoj is the perfect antithesis to all of this. He is the prophet of globalization. The first thing we need to destroy (if Red Toryism or new medievalism has a chance)...never mind, it won't happen. A collapse will have to occur first. People think they want this, but they won't stand for it.

The only other possibility (that I see) is an alliance between Germany & Russia and a re-emergence of a Nordic Septentrion. This Empire might be amenable (culturally) to allowing the formation of organic, grassroots medievalism within the safety of its Autarchic vast spaces. North America is headed for managerial despotism at an astonishing rate. Our rulers will do a lot of things, be generally stifling and obstructive, and end up with a weak State. In the new world which is emerging as America declines, there will be opportunities to institute medieval political structures to save mankind from the fate of a universal world-state despotism.

Then, we will have new problems, but be better equipped to find answers to them.

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