Sunday, November 14, 2010

When the Ekklesia Isn't Enough..

On June 19, 1875 the Catholics in the Gabela and Hrasno districts of lower Herzegovina, ignited by overtaxing, rebelled against the Ottoman authorities under the leadership of don Ivan Musić. An orthodox uprising (popularly known as Nevesinje gun or Невесињска пушка) started on July 9 around the village of Nevesinje in eastern Herzegovina. Subsequently, a general uprising of the entire Christian population in Bosnia and Herzegovina ensued. More than 150,000 people took refuge in Croatia. The Ottoman armed response came both from government troops under the recently appointed Bosnian governor and from the local landowners and their own irregular troops. The attempts to suppress the uprising proved unsuccessful.”

Btw, the mention made above about the hostility between Greek Klephts and Eastern Orthodox monks is a reminder that while religion was a fundamental factor in keeping the Greek national spirit alive, the Greek church hierarchy headquartered in Constantinople was nonetheless often dominated by very venal, servile collaborationist elements.

Sometimes, the "Church" needs assistance from outside its bourne.

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