Thursday, November 25, 2010

More Summation

I want to address modern probable-ism a little more. Someone (who was otherwise very intelligent) on the Spengler Forum once argued that "we now know that communism was a bad idea, thanks to the experience of Russia". It seems to me that generally and virtually all modern arguments are justifications of ad hoc experimentation in this manner. It seems to me (on the contrary) that anyone with any worldly wisdom (let alone spiritual insight) could have quite easily anticipated what orgies and disaster and despair would ensue from going Red. In fact, there are a great many literary and historical records of those who "could see" predicting just that. We now (as the master Don Colacho remarks in 2287) have three generations of reaction: 1) Warnings (Burkhardt, de Tocqueville, Burke, Vinet, etc.) 2) predictions (Dostoevsky, Melville, Henry Adams, etc.) 3) Proofs (Ledhin, Solzhenitsyn, etc.). What else would he say of this argument?

"The left does not condemn violence until it hears it pounding on its door.

Escolios a un Texto Implícito: Selección, p. 371

Nothing is easier than to blame Russian history for the sins of Marxism.
Socialism continues to be the philosophy of shifting blame onto others.

Escolios a un Texto Implícito: Selección, p. 371"

Yes, the ad hoc experimentors have a foolish argument, and it is quite (even quintessentially) modern. So very up-to-date it doesn't recognize its own supremely Satanic heritage. Another person (the same Forum) once asked rhetorically (Leftists enjoy rhetorical questions) if people (then) should just resign themselves "to a life of toil & suffering as they wind down to the twilight of death and oblivion, resigning themselves to an afterlife alone"?

This is one of those false dichotomies that dying civilizations (in which Kali Yuga has been awakened) wallow in, fogs of chaos & confusion of their own making. The afterlife (here) is conceived as "after", literal, separate, unknowable, as if there was no connection with something intangible (which of course, the Past is also). There is only the immediate, sensate Now, the tangible visceral sights and sounds and smells of the sweat of the moment. In such environments, it is next to impossible for all but the most stalwart to get any sense of where they are at vertically in the Cosmos. Individualism and empiricism (here) have wreaked havoc with spiritual values and sensibilities, which often are not even suspected of any real merit or "value" (a contemptuous word).

Progress, you see, is not just a verb, but a noun with a capital letter, a God with a destiny, an avatar with an agenda. One need only point out, here, that it is not a question of "going back" to ancient Sparta, early America, Victorian gaslight England, puritan France, or any other past time. Only a "literal minded fool" would conceive or construe the argument to be about such, condemning all concern with the past as nostalgia (for the Leftist, this is the only possible mode of apprehending the past). The real question is "what is the nature of the (obvious) link between past, present, future"? This is a metaphysical way of asking, what is our duty? What is the nature of real piety? Or, conversely, why is the Left unable to establish meaningful intercourse with the Past? And what does this tell us about their ability to usher in the Future? They are unable to parse the invisible world, which is the only (and primal) ability to differentiate man from the beasts. And this is insulting to beasts, because even they obey their destinies.

The world (as Ron in Harry Potter says) is "mental". It is not linear or fundamentalist or literal. It is complex, a circular spiral which only moves upward if people collectively liberate their nous from the fetters of sensation. The terrible, simply, false, but clear idea of Progress is that the world automatically progresses on its own, like a machine, and that we can clearly see what it is doing, no matter how idiotic or ignorant or foolish or enchained with passions which we are. First came the war against Culture/Kultur, and now comes a war against civilization itself. It will end in blood.

This has become a common religious belief in the West. One might even say that it is heresy to deny it, or even to hold doubts. There is no mental courage in the idea that whatever is, is right. It is lazy cowardice of the first order. More and more, it is implicated in its own web of lies, lies that "all evil will be overt" or that tyranny comes only in robes of darkest black.

"Leftist attitudes toward justice (i.e., the insatiable moloch of "social justice") essentially result from a deformation of this pre-existing truth, as they enforce their idea of justice in fundamentally unjust ways -- i.e., racial quotas, income redistribution, attacks on private property, class warfare, etc. All forms of modern leftism are essentially dishonest appeals to truth, unjust appeals to justice, unfair appeals to fairness, coerced appeals to generosity, etc. Again, it's the container that is so destructive, since it damages even "good" content, i.e., charitable impulses.

Please note that the omnipotence of the fantasy -- the end -- justifies the means required to attain such a beautiful thing, which always requires the coercion (and implicit violence) of the state"

This must be destroyed. Voldemort will not come as an ethnic white, Inquisitorial, masculine, brooding, dark villain. Rather, in the modern world, he-who-must-not-be-named will come as a "Temple of Tolerance", with shades of pink. Satan will take the throne in the name of Freedom, Justice, Equality for all.

The one thing which could always be said for the most autocratic and brutal hierarchies of the past was that, no matter what their content (for instance, Ivan the Terrible), the Form was preserved inviolate. The container was more important than the perverted message. The image of God had been marred, but the prime icon was unbroken. It was possible to appeal to Justice in hierarchical societies through the sacrifice of the Hero, who came to save the weak and helpless. Boris Godunov, Michael, Joan of Arc, the heroes of Lepanto - these men stood for eternity, but they were also eternal.

In the new, tolerant societies, Justice is put upon the throne, but the form is gone. When inevitable decay ensues, it is impossible to restore the body. Until terrible effusions, undramatic and purely tragic, have epurated the disease from our blood, and the West against abandons materialism to reclaim the Imperium and the Telos. Not only of politics, but of destiny and the invisible worlds, which are numberless and prime.

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