Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hatred for Europe

What is it about Europe (or Europeans) that excites such hatred?

Here is Anthony Bradley, a Reformed, African-American theologian (associated with King's College):

"Reformed Christianity remains as safe haven for racists because few Reformed Christians have the fortitude to challenge racism in their churches and denominations it seems. If you are Reformed and racist you can just about guarantee that most Calvinist churches in America won't even address the issue so you get off pretty easy. Oh well....."

"Racism" by the way is a term coined by Trotsky.

When poster Ryan tells him to relax, that these Kinist bloggers aren't representative, Bradley goes postal and verbally assaults his would-be comforter:

"Ryan, I'm completely ignoring your comments because you obviously must be new. This has been going on "repeatedly and consistently" for 6 years (including harassing phone calls to my employers attempting to get me fired and calls to one of my schools, while I was a student, attempting to get me kicked out of grad school). You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about and your ignorance of this 6 year context renders your comments vapor..."

I'm sure Christ would have replied in the same manner, and I'm also sure that Ryan now understands that one must not only prove one's anti-racism, but prove it in a worthy manner.

This man is being feted (not "fetid") by Joel Belz and other big name Reformed priests. One of the posters I even went to school with! I need to call him...If you can stand to read the entire white-hating, racist, pity-fest for Anthony Bradley (if things are this bad, why stay?), help yourself. The impression I get is that blacks (and other non-Anglos of color) desperately want to belong, but to keep their color too. The only way that this can happen (obviously) is race-mixing. It never seems to occur to them that the price of this might be anything more than removing the splinter from their brother's eye, that white people are giving up anything but "racism". It is not that what they say has no merit at all (Satan has some good points at times too, however, so I am not sure where this gets them). It is that it is centered upon themselves, and in an utterly mundane way that they exalt to the heavens. They have no transcendent cultural identity, and they wish us to have none as well. That is the price (for us) of slavery (with which we had nothing to do). I think this has more to do with indiscriminate racial mixing in a late-capitalist, secular Empire. The answer to the problem is not more of the same. People need a chance to regroup. But Progress calls us forward! Racism is the last enemy to be conquered!

This from the Orthodox:

"Our hopes were soon to be dashed on the hard rocks of
European cultural parochialism. In response to my presidential remarks, a friend of mine, a Norwegian Lutheran bishop, asked me, ‘in what sense does the Chairman find the revelation in Jesus Christ so insufficient that he has to go the non-Christians to learn the truth?”

I was offended, but being in the chair, could not retort in my usual rude manner. so I responded, ‘In this sense that the Chairman is not as fortunate as his friend the bishop from Norway, who seems to have so mastered the revelation in Jesus Christ, that he is so totally self-satisfied and does not feel any need to learn from others.’ I doubt that the barb got through. But my non-Christian friends saw for themselves the shameful narrow mindedness of European Christianity. They were hurt. But kept their cool and continued to be polite."

Hatred of Europe is reaching it's peak. There is no doubt that Europe had many faults. Most of the criticism leveled against "her" is true. There is one truth, however, that those who speak against her would have you not notice, and that is this: that their attacks against Europe usually depend upon Europe's forbearance, patience, & grace for their hearing. That is, no one asks why the Hindus burned their women on funeral pyres before the English came, or why Muslim nations routinely slaughter minority religious elements on their borders, or why Orthodox Greece needs Protestant Germany to bail it out of bankruptcy. No, there are no questions for those in the accuser's box. Rather, the only question is aimed, rhetorically, at those in Europe who still stand for cultural & ethnic norms. Are traditional European churches welcome in Greece or Russia? No. Are white people recruited to fill up immigration quotas in India? No. What matters is that white people cannot have any prejudice. This is the only "burning issue" of the time. They must not be allowed to allow themselves the same luxury which they must allow to everyone else. And these questions are put to them in a whining, passive-aggressive manner, exemplified everywhere but paragonized in America. I can assure the Third World that the bankers and white elite that are ruining their countries are not the ones who wish to keep their own color and culture. And vice versa. Those who stand for older Anglo ways are not the ones who are raping the newest failed economies or states of the global fiefdom. The "We" in America are reduced to Second World status, on our way down to Third. The plains folk of America are not the ones who wish global empire, nor do they benefit from it, but they are the ones who serve on the front lines in the midst of violence.

Give me the Gottingen Goose Girl, and I'll take my chances from there. And to Hades with the New World Order, and anything that goes with it. Millinerd links a PD James quote:

"In A Taste for Death, the novelist P.D. James placed the following words on the lips of a secular woman trying to make sense of religion. To do so, the character reaches back to her college years:
Annecroft Comprehensive certainly had a religion all right, fashionable and, in a school with twenty different nationalities, expedient. It was anti-racism. You soon learned you could get a way with any amount of insubordination, indolence or stupidity if you were sound on this essential doctrine. It struck her that it was like any other religion: it meant what you wanted it to mean; it was easy to learn, a few platitudes, myths and slogans; it was intolerant, it gave you the excuse for occasional selective aggression, and you could make a moral virtue out of despising the people you disliked. Best of all, it cost nothing... If you had to have a school ethos to give the illusion of togetherness, then for her money anti-racism was as good as any. And whatever she might think about its more absurd manifestations, it wasn't likely to lead you to see visions in a dusty church."

Thanks to Trotsky, and modern Gnostics who believe that spirit to be spirit must unchain itself from flesh (except for exotic southern dancing), now you too can get a taste of what the new world religion will offer, and how it will mask its call for absolute genetic equality with a self-righteous slinging of its own mud in the term "racist". Maybe Bradley can write his next book defining for us exactly what racism is.

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