Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Where to Go From Here?


And this from "somewhere else"....

O God of Kirk and Clan
provide now in our want
Holy Worship in this land
And children for your font
Our sacraments are ashes
Our families are torn
And Christendom now crashes
In the justice of thy scorn

From all that ‘clever’ teaches,
From all the ‘truth’ so close,
Wrapped all in shallow speeches
That excite the shallow hosts,
From trust in the Molech god,
of circus, bread and sword,
who rules us with an iron rod,
Deliver us, Oh Lord

Breathe a Reformation
On Kirk, and King, and Clan
Awaken now a nation
One weapon in your hand
A single sword, all for thee
Your purpose as our end
Aglow with zeal, and free,
Your Kingdom to extend."

As a thought meditation, imagine that the "traditional world" that the Evangelicals are in the process of rapidly rejecting or "transcending" (Love, not doubt, is divine...), was really what it purported to be. Imagine a world in which the State is not hostile to religion, but is rather an extension of it. Imagine a world in which your kids can play in the neighborhood, or where you can venture down your street after dark. Imagine an economy in which Christianity (rather than money) is the lifeblood, and where virtue is rewarded, rather than punished. Imagine a world in which family, church & local community are the focal points, rather than something we need to "get away from".

Now, ask yourself, why can't we have this world? Is it written in the stars that magisterial Protestantism, ethical States, and peaceful ethnicities are doomed in the face of a gigantic global quant-State which promises a utopia with no pain, and delivers more & more of the exact opposite, all the while touting that more of the same will prove the cure? Is Christ's kingdom really only "spiritual"? Ask any "conservative" today, and you will find that they are either indifferent (they are economically conservative) or else they believe that a continued slow-martyrdom for Protestant polities and peoples (read, Anglos) is the price we must pay to experience the "sweetness" of Christ spiritually.

It is one thing to believe that we can all live in the 1950s and pretend that that is "real Christianity". It is quite another to believe that Christ's kingdom is so invisible and spiritual that we will need electron microscopes to see it in the near future. And it is still another (and the contention of a growing body of Christians) to believe that nature and super-nature are meant to operate in tandem, that in fact Christ does have a visible kingdom. This visible kingdom is not the kingdom-Babel-kaleidoscope shown by Satan to Christ in the desert, but is rather the kingdom of antique Europe, the kingdom where a cathedral is a beautiful, sacred place, where neighborhoods are safe & friendly, and where those who believe in culturated Christianity (incarnated Christ) can find sanctuary.

Man, without this, and specifically and more so European man, is utterly homeless. Our bodies are temples, and so are the bodies of our kith and kin (who are often both physical and spiritual parents). In this world, unless we are hermits (which is what the Evangelicals are calling us to be - rootless, wandering, secularized hermits), there is no other home than our own bodies and the bodies of our family, and the habitations which we make and sanctify.

If we wish to end psychological alienation, rootlessness & mental instability (not to mention spiritual problems, which build on these), we will hasten to rebuild (not Christian ghettoes) but Christian polities and nations and clans which will provide a "shelter" from the cold winds blowing over the modern world. The fear which is palpable now, hovering like a death shroud over the planet, will not be dispelled until we reclaim the haunts and firesides and hearths of our ancient homelands, which lives still in the law of the deeds of the dead.

Until Europe breaths again, in the resurrection...
We live still in the law by which we were born....
And so do those ancient hosts, which surround us.

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