Sunday, August 22, 2010

People of Faith, Eternal Europe, and the Sacred Sacrifice

There is a lovely legend about Job. In it, Job is a mighty paladin, dispensing justice and maintaining order and equity for the entire region. He discovers that Satan has inspired wicked men to build a temple to demons. Knowing what it will mean for him personally, Job orders his soldiers to move against the wicked men, burning and razing the temple to the ground. Perhaps he didn't realize how intense it would be, yet Job acted knowing the danger to himself, because he was pure and chaste in his soul.

Satan comes against him, God having delivered Job into his hands, just as He will one day deliver His only Son into the hands of Satan to satisfy the older and deeper laws, as well as the more shallow ones, trusting in the obedience of the Son to raise man higher than the angels.

There is a similar legend attached to Abraham & Isaac, a story even a genius like Kierkegaard could not decipher properly, though he saw that the runes were truly dark, like the dark of the storms of God before the rainbow.

Was the Holy Mount, the mount of the Sun in Jerusalem, city of peace, the place where Satan hid the bones of Moses, after contending with Gabriel?

In the war between heaven & hell, the battleground is the human heart.

Give us more paladins like Job, O Lord, and the battle shall be yours forever.

To Him in whose sight the Seraphim are impure, but in whose sight, Father Abraham found mercy and pleasure, the One Who came among us forever, because of the love of Abraham for both God and his own son!

What will it cost to restore the bones of Europe, for which Christ has died? The darker it gets, the brighter the hero will become.

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