Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Feminism's Role in the New World Order

An interesting angle on what Modernity means.

"Maine grasped that feminism – the dogmatic delusion that women are morally and intellectually superior to men – derived its fundamental premises from hatred of, not respect for, the natural order; he grasped also that feminism entailed a fantastic rebellion against sexual dimorphism, which therefore also entailed a total rejection of inherited morality.

“The moral climate of society is changing quickly,” she tells Gorste, “and Sterilin will play an important part in stimulating the evolution of a more liberal morality.”

The world of five thousand years hence, in Maine’s forecast, is also a stunted, inward-turning world that has renounced dynamism and creativity, just as it has renounced sexually dimorphic procreation. When Aubretia first learns of the crashed rocketship at the North Pole, Maine inserts the historical tidbit that, “no rocket had been launched or even made on earth for four thousand years” because “it seemed more logical to womankind to devote worldly wealth on the development of the Earth and its inhabitants and the feminine mind saw neither sense nor sanity in space travel.” When the Mistress discusses the situation with Aubretia, she argues that spaceflight was a male aberration, a mere “sublimation of unexpended masculine drive,” such that “the cosmos itself became a mons Veneris at which mankind as a whole set its cap.” The little speech sums up feminist discourse – which denigrates all specifically male activities and derives all social problems, perceived or real, from male toxicity – quintessentially. It shows once more the cultural perceptivity of the author, who, I remind my readers, was writing more than fifty years ago."

What does this have to do with religion? Christianity is oriented towards "the Sun", literally.

"This is the true meaning of Our Lady of the Pillar in Chartres Cathedral: that Christ was born when the dead failed star Nibiru dropped briefly into the Heavenly Sphere near Sirius, or Isis. It appeared as a purple/red Winged Disc with seven accompanying stars, 'born' of Sirius. So the star-covered shrine represents the perihelion transit of the celestial Crown and Seven Stars of Nibiru through the Duat, the celestial home of Isis, the mother goddess. Its emergence into the consciousness of Mankind is indeed a rightful focus of continued veneration, as it was in ancient times."

The wise men who came from the East could read the oracles (if they were such as the above portrays them). This has NOTHING to do with "Gnosticism" or "heresy", and EVERYTHING to do with the esoteric roots of Christianity itself, which, to the uninitiate, foolish, or unsanctified, is in contradiction to the exoteric form which Christianity presents as a religion to the world. Dan Brown, in other words, is infatuated with his infantile progress in making tiny steps of more misunderstandings, piled on those he first conceived.

The key point to remember, whether discussing futuristic Modernism or psycho-babble Gnostic Modernism, is that both are ardently opposed to the balance inherent in the supremely solar religion, whose symbol is the "Son", and which we call Christianity. There is really only this, traditional point of view, or disintegration and imbalance. It is not that Christianity is "anti-woman", but that Christianity promotes the idea that the male principle is archetonic, a principle of binding order which then "makes room for" the second born. This kind of balance, whether between esoteric inner meaning or exoteric outer "dead forms", or between male/female, can only be achieved in a solar context. One can't invent telescopes to see stars by moonlight. It is interesting to note, in this context, the associations which Islam has with both the Moon and the feminine demons of the desert.

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