Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Heart of Darkness

"Lest you think only financiers and economists operate on this sinking sand of presumption, on the contrary I consider it the modern error in summary. It’s the idea that we can, in our pristine laboratory of the human mind, abstract away some part of what it means to be man, some part of the ineffable complexity of the world and man’s place in it, and then cheerfully go forth taking our abbreviation to be reality. Posit that man is a creature of sub-rational passions only, that libido dominandi is his chief feature, the will to dominate, to conquer, to acquire, to possess: here is the abbreviation of some moderns. Or again, posit that man is a reasoning creature only, that it can only be systems or structures outside himself that derail his natural rationality: here is the abbreviation of some other moderns. What modernity refuses to do, mostly, is take man as he is, a dualistic creature, one compounded of both body and soul, matter and mind...."

All of our problems stem from this lie, that Man can operate without flesh and blood integrated with spirit & soul. This leaves us as cogs in a gigantic Machine haunted by ghosts.

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