Monday, September 10, 2012

The Coming "Good Society" of Obama in Amerika

"Civil society, as a phrase, has been receiving attention lately as well: Yuval Levin, in the recent issue of National Review, for example, has an article[ii] outlining the Obama administration’s contribution to the hollowing out thereof. The president’s vision, as Levin describes it, is of a society where the longest-term exclusive relationship that exists is that between the individual and the government...."

"I am not the stuff of which reformers are made; rather than indulge in that variety of meddlesomeness I would sweep a crossing. Nine-tenths of the reformers of humanity have been mischief-makers or humbugs. I have no desire to be added to the list. A man who reforms himself has contributed his full share towards the reformation of his neighbour...."

So, "Progress" = The Destruction of Civil Society, the Past, and our Souls. When that word is used, this is what it means. It COULD mean an improvement on all these, but then, it would have to be creative and build, rather than merely being dialectical and destructive.

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