Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ananda Coomaraswamy

I have, at the recommendation of Cologero at Gornahoor (to another reader/questioner) picked up AKC's collection of letters. The old excitement returns; the passion comes back. What is this glorious, transcendent world which is both made of adamantine, but grows, like the mountain in Daniel's dream, until its foundation and capstone is a tower dominating the world of the Cross?

Initial impressions:
AKC is on the side of the rigid traditionalists. This is to say, he is against nonsense. It is not a question of saying that "all religions are equals", but of recognizing that Christ's words are not primarily about moralistic "service" (which reduces God to "Patripassianism") or a Pharisee-like recognition of "Jesus Uber-All" or "Jesus Alone" (which essentially encourages the masses to reify their own understanding of what Christianity is with God, and ends up decaying into "all religions are roads to God, anyway", through Jesus), but rather about Truth in its exclusivity against error. Wasn't it Jesus who said not only "he who is not against us is with us", as well as the opposite? The difficulty is in recognizing Jesus, and we know from the Bible how difficult this is. AKC is far from being a relativist, quite the opposite; it is only the man who has traveled the straight and narrow path (wherever it may find him) who can look back and claim that God might have brought him by a different road, anyhow.

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