Friday, August 10, 2012

Power Corrupts, and so does this dictum

"I identified Acton’s position as a Gnostic one. On second glance, this appears to me as unfair to the Gnostics. They were much more logical in their approach. Acton is a selective and illogical enemy of nature as it really is, aiming his ire primarily at the essential tool of authority. It would, therefore, perhaps be better to label him a semi-Gnostic. But I stand by the comparison of the Acton Institute dedicated to the spread of his ideas in the Catholic world with Manicheanism. Like so many other conservative Catholic organizations today, it works with familiar Christian language. It can even defend itself against the charge of Gnosticism by pointing out how much it loves money. Meanwhile, it systematically works to deconstruct the essence of the Christian message and redirect it to the service of its own subversive purpose: the equation of our Faith with an unnatural, semi-Gnostic, Enlightenment concept of a self-destructive freedom destined to ensure the victory of the strong over the weak. For this is the ultimate goal of Acton’s contemporary followers: to make it seem that God created and redeemed the world in order to make it safe for the exercise of a raw power masquerading as true freedom...."


Again, since I see I have so many Slavic (particularly Russian) readers, I will go ahead and encourage them - the better part of the Anglo world (and admittedly it is a tiny remnant at this point, perhaps less than 5%) stands with you in understanding that Authority and Power are real, God-given, and that the entire exercise of Liberalism is a mock trial in which it is pretended by those who have power that they actually do not, that they instead are intuiting or exercising some sort of mystical General Will (which they alone see and honestly, create, as the new managerial elite of a Sorcerer State). Democracy is a lie, because "people" never rule - those who hold power, hold power. This is always true. The question is, does your "King" wear his crown and carry his sceptre "like a cross", or does he instead mouth lies about tolerance, all the while executing a secret agenda, as he is bound to do when he mouths the lie?

The Slavic world is the only part of the West that has not succumbed wholesale to the Biggest Lie of All - that "Consciousness" can somehow magically be brought to rule the people neutrally in a sort of techno-State that dispenses with all ancient categories of Justice, Truth, Beauty or Goodness. That is why Russia is still "the enemy", for our elite.

Be worthy of your calling, and a great destiny awaits you; fail, either through hypocrisy, or through temptation (going our route) and you will curse your fate.

Putin still wears his mother's silver cross; perhaps, one day, he will become entirely worthy of it.

There are still some here who remember the Europe of old, and who understand what America has become.

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