Monday, August 27, 2012

An Interlude of Scourging

Occasionally, your humble blogger has had enough....and finds something quite hilarious to comment on. In this case, a progressive, feminine blog from Canada:


"Wilson means for us to accept a theology that revolves around authoritarian hierarchy, with white, straight, cis, Western men at the top, and everyone else knowing our proper place. We’re meant to accept that movements for racial and gender equality are actually the causes of racist and misogynist abuse and violence, and that the real root of such violence – white male patriarchy – is actually its remedy...."

One of the commentators states "this is one of the most horrifying things I've ever read". It's safe to assume she doesn't get out much. We are warned that these people "exist" and (gasp) "have followers" - all that the poor defenceless women can do is pray and "hope they lose their power". Another commentator thanks her for "digging up good content".

This is hilarious. I've happened to hear Wilson preach, and know for a fact he rejects the Islamic view of feminine submission, because I heard him say and teach so with his own ears (to a friendly crowd). I'm glad they managed to dig around wide and far enough to drag up someone they could batter with their feminist platitudes and misconceptions - it must have been hard scouring the country to find a dinosaur like Wilson who dares to disagree with the full-blown feminist gospel of gender equality, sexual liberation, and the exaltation of the feminine at the expense of everything (including truth and Reason).

On the other hand, they could just read Otto Weiniger.

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