Thursday, June 21, 2012

They are Not Dead, Nor Do They Sleep....

Mouravieff argues that the "Knight" is actually a deformed personality (in terms of the ideal, but perhaps the best deformation?):

"The main characteristics of the Knightly type are his sense of equity and his devotion to duty. He aspires to accomplish deeds which may even lead him to sacrifice his life, and he will take any risk gladly for a beautiful ideal. One must not think that this type of Knight only belongs to bygone ages and that he is extinct today. This type always exists. However, he seldom comes to power in the environment 3 that characterizes our epoch. For modern methods of selection demand a certain suppleness, an elasticity of character on the part of those who aspire to leading roles and which for the Knight is completely foreign to his nature. If he competes in the race towards the summit of the human hierarchy, he soon gives up the struggle, either by his own action or because the circumstances eliminate him automatically. We can come across this type of human being in all strata of society; but in our intellectualized environment he is unlucky in business as well as in politics. On the other hand, he may make a military career or find a post in the magistracy or devote himself to social work. The different degree of development, and the particular nature of his intellectual and motor centres, lead to a whole series of psychic and psychological shadings in this type of man 2. Besides this classical type of Knight, there are others who fall into the same general category, like the hermit-monk, the Prophet, and the Apostle. One may also include artists of all kinds."
Gnosis 2

This picture represents the head of a lion, the body of a goat, and the tail of a dragon. Antichrist. This is the deformation of the human personality, at its worst, in the "three centers".


  1. "I think the superiority of Sparta and the Spartan (military) genius over Athens and the Athenian genius is in the following. The great men for whom Athens is renowned are men like Sophocles, Aristophanes, and yes, Socrates (to name a few). All such men are renowned for excellingin an *agon*. But an *agon*, like a medieval tournament, was a contest held in times of *peace*. As it says in John Steinbeck's The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights, "peace, not war, is the destroyer of men [that is, of masculine human beings]"."

  2. The higher the Antichrist rises the lower Christ descends to us.

    I must confess that having a Regal spirit (or perhaps rather it having me) is world-bendingly difficult. If I were the priestly type I could already be doing as my nature would bid, and have a good family life or live in a monastery.